Recommended Reading and Photography –

Velocurean – Cycling, Food, Travel and Adventure lifestyle website with great stories and dramatic photography. If you live it, you’ll love it. (I’m the lead writer.)

“Eat. Drink. Ride.”  Live Velocurean!

Kevin M. Eisele – Cycling photographer for Velocurean. My business and grand idea partner. He is dedicated to bike riding and food. He is here to showcase the culture of cycling.

Sean Hartter – My very close friend of many years and an amazing artist…

Sherry Heck – Velocurean partner and a premier Food and Product Photographer in San Francisco Bay Area.

Derk Jickface – Badass tracks engineered, composed and produced by my friend/brother, Doug Salvador (a.k.a. “Dirk Jickface”) et al. This is his brainchild…

Christopher Mast – Hmmm, well, I guess I can’t find the right words to describe my friend Christopher… He has recently joined the “daddy club” and he is sure to continue to produce entertaining blogs and videos for eternity… Enjoy.


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