Some day soon I will change this to an image that includes my wife, Rachel, as well. I was looking though all of the pictures of me and I’d say 65% of them are me on a bike… the other 35% are me with my girls. (Brianna on the left and Lilah) Gotta work on a more even ratio.

About Me…

I struggled with this one because I’m just not sure how much I want to explain. My goal is to be honest, raw and real. I want people to understand how I arrived at where I am in life today. I hope to paint a basic portrait of my infrastructure in order to understand why I am the way I am and why I write how and what I write, but I also do not want to go too far. In fact, I’m still not even sure if I should have all the “categories” I have or if I should just focus on “Parenting and Marriage.” Thoughts?

Anyway… I will try to be brief and blunt. Don’t get used to it though because I actually struggle to filter and condense my thoughts.

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts half way between Boston and Providence, RI. My parents separated when I was 9 years old. (That is the earliest I remember writing poetry.) They divorced a few years later. My father battled Leukemia for a few years and died when I was 13 years old. My family history beyond that is too confusing and long winded to write about so you will just have to trust me that it is most likely a bit different than the average person. I’ll spare you the details, the more poetry and sort stories I write, the more you will be able to glean and hypothesize. My friends were my family and we were all living in a parallel universe at the time… we were coping… I lost one of my friends in a car accident around the age of 17.

I know there were happy times and normal times in my life back then but I can honestly say that I have a hard time remembering most of my childhood. In fact, I have seemed to repress all recollection of more than half of my life. I always believed that I was put on this planet to suffer and use those experiences to help others work through hard times. That was the only explanation I had for having to deal with so many things at such a young age. Over the years I have been able to relate with hundreds of people making them feel like they are not alone and helping them work though many issues. So at least it seems to have a purpose.

I have alway been and always will be a dreamer. I am never content. I simply can not calm my mind and when I start dreaming, bigger is always better. I have written hundreds of poems and many short stories. When I realized how unrealistic it was to get published I started to attempt to capture my visions in the form of screenplays. Along with my writing and dreaming partner, Kevin Eisele, we have written a handful of amazing feature length scripts and stage plays. When we started to be exposed to and understand the politics and reality of the close-minded cliquiness of Hollywood while living in Los Angeles we decided to start up Velocurean.com and pursue our true passion of cycling, food, friendship and the lifestyle that comes with it. We still plan have the films made. They deserve to be seen…

I fell in love with my wife, Rachel, when I was a teenager. She was my angel, my savior, I have and always will love her and owe her my life. Whether she understands this or not is a whole other situation! My daughters have brought me purpose. They give me motivation in life and have provided me with the will to persevere and deal with the rigmarole of every day life and a 56 hour work week. I absolutely love having 2 amazing and beautiful girls, which you will hear all about. Of course managing life is not easy. Balancing a 56 hour work week, being a husband and father, riding my bike and starting my own business is, well, basically impossible. As you could guess, I encounter quite a few obstacles, dilemmas and issues along the way. My goal here is to write about them and let people know that they are not alone and hopefully realize that I am not alone either.

I hope people read my words, feel and relate to the vast range of emotions that I go though myself and see the rays of light making their way into the deepest, darkest shadows. It is just as acceptable to be angry and depressed as it is to be happy and “even-keeled.” We are human, life is not easy for most of us but there just might be hope. Be yourself, let it out, move on and live. Life is what you make it; and how you remember it…

(I told you I wasn’t good at being brief and blunt.)


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