The Silence Is Deafening

Heart beats wildly
Breathing tantric
As I caress
The soft smooth skin
Of your back and hips

My opportunity to be sensual
While you don’t defend
Speak negative
Or push me away

You just lay silently
Ready for my touch


I can feel the energy
Radiating from your body
Longing for me

Starving for what you deny yourself
Your soul welcomes me
Hoping you don’t wake
Your body is beckoning for me
To unleash my passion
My desires
And ravage you
Quenching your thirst
My cravings

The fantasy in my mind
As sequences unfold

For in this brief, still and silent moment
You accept my passion
As you sleep
Thru my tender

I close my eyes
And fantasize

But reality always comes crashing down on my illusion

You push me away
With a huff
And a puff
I lay awake
Hoping you will eventually need me

As I listen to you breathe
And dream…
I want so badly to kiss you
Simply because
I miss
The taste of your lips

But I just can’t handle the rejection

The silence is deafening

Gordes, France

Gordes, France


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